• Different Types of Sheer Curtains

    Different Types of Sheer Curtains

    Sheer curtains are made with a variety of materials which are all lightweight. They include polyester, gauze, chiffon, silk, lace, cotton, and linen. They are available in solid colors as well as different prints and embroidered designs. Sheer drapes allow for very decorative styles to ensure each room in your home has its own motif. We will examine each type of sheer curtain to...
  • Confusion Between Blackout Curtains

    Confusion Between Blackout Curtains

    Room Darkening Curtains It may sound self explanatory but there is a lot of confusion surrounding the difference between room darkening curtains and other types of blackout drapes. Room darkening curtains are made of lighter weight material and uses a thinier pass. (See our Blackout Curtains blog to learn about the different types of passes) They allow for minimal sunlight to come into a room or...
  • Learn More About Blackout Curtains

    Learn More About Blackout Curtains

    Why Are Blackout curtains useful? Are you a third-shift worker? Do you feel like you can use more night time rest? Are you staying up at odd hours with a newborn? Blackout curtains drapes window treatments for your bedroom is the key essential solution. They are available for just about every room in your home including a baby’s room. These curtains block light and...
  • The Science Behind Voiles, Sheers, and Linen

    The Science Behind Voiles, Sheers, and Linen

    There is a science to everything. Our curtains are produced with you in mind. Do you want to know how we achieve these stunning drapes? Take a minute to read about how we manufacturer our voile, sheer, and linen curtains below: Voile technology: Lightweight We use a single ply yarn technique to create a lightweight material using polyester. A traditional one yarn over, one...
  • The Science Behind Blackout Curtains

    The Science Behind Blackout Curtains

      Using our ‘therma-liners” technology, we strategically develop each of our window curtains with the capabilities to block incoming UV-rays from sunlight, save energy costs, and dampen outside noise. While manufacturing with the customer in mind, we want you to understand the process of how our technology is applied to each curtain. Diving Deeper Thermal Insulated Curtains Providing 85-90% blackout effectiveness using the 3-layer...
  • 9 of the Best Curtains to Make Your Home Blissfully Beautiful

    9 of the Best Curtains to Make Your Home Blissfully Beautiful

      The world of home window treatments is so vast that it’s easy to feel lost and unsure about what’s perfect for you. Well, say goodbye to confusion because here are the best curtains for every room! From the bedroom to patio, we’ve got you and your windows covered. Let’s get into window treatments that are right for you! 1. Lively Patterned Living Room...
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