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The Science Behind Voiles, Sheers, and Linen

BY Sakatta Inc.


January 29, 2022 


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The Science Behind Voiles, Sheers, and Linen


There is a science to everything. Our curtains are produced with you in mind. Do you want to know how we achieve these stunning drapes? Take a minute to read about how we manufacturer our voile, sheer, and linen curtains below:

Voile technology:


We use a single ply yarn technique to create a lightweight material using polyester. A traditional one yarn over, one yarn under method is weaved to give a softened finished look and touch.

*Perfect for layering with heavier drapes.

*Ideal for the Summer. 

Semi-sheer technology:

Multi-ply yarn

Using thick, course, tightly woven yarn, lightweight semi sheer curtains are denser to the touch. The fabric is formed by using the same one yarn over, one yarn under method as the voile. However, these are woven very tightly to each other to decrease the transparency compared to voile curtains.

*Perfect for layering to provide additional privacy.

The Science Behind our Faux Linens

Lightweight Faux Linen

We created this fabric which is manufactured to resemble linen. Designed by using thick yarns that create a boxed weave pattern, we use the one yarn over, one yarn under method making these sheer curtains highly durable. This specific yarn weaving process creates a muted matte finish.

*Perfect for a Farmhouse decor.

*Allows for more privacy while simultaneously filtering in sunlight.

*Excellent for hot Summer days. 

Heavyweight Faux Linen

The extra heavy weighted yarn adds style. Made from a thick, dense yarn woven tightly together. The weaving technique provides a flattened matte-like finish. It is designed to filter in minimal sunlight all the while maintaining privacy for your living room or bedroom.

*Perfect addition to any Farmhouse decor

*Best for blocking the breezy wind on cooler Spring and Fall days



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