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Our Generational Legacy

We don’t just sell home textiles, we’ve lived it.

HLC history


And, our family has spent generations focused on developing our artistry first as skilled tailors and today as suppliers of luxurious home textiles. 

My grandfather, like his father before him, developed a deep, hands-on understanding of the textile industry. From raw material sourcing to hand-stitching designs, he valued every part of the creative process. His dedication laid the foundation of who we are today.

In the early 90s, my parents moved from Syria with one goal in mind – to bring premium, functional linens, with the same attention to detail my grandfather valued, to the US. Shortly after, in a small shop in Brooklyn, HLC.ME was born.

For the last 30 years, we’ve dedicated ourselves to providing the same level of craftsmanship that’s been passed down for generations. Today, we’re creating a modern day sleep sanctuary, each product made with unparalleled thermal and noise reduction technology. Designed with on-trend fabrics, our intent is to help you put the “me” back in home.

From generations of our family to yours.



The sleep sanctuary
of your dreams

We design every product with you in mind. With the latest research, we design our products to provide maximum value at minimal cost. As sleep-science becomes more and more advanced, we shift to meet your expectations. We’re dedicated to creating an extraordinary sleep experience designed just for you.

Restful, healing sleep is our goal. So, unlike most curtains, ours are crafted with a double-layered thermal fabric, increasing noise absorption. 200% more effective at blocking light and 50% more energy efficient than traditional blackout curtains – everyone deserves a tranquil night’s sleep, every night.

Healing sleep isn’t a luxury, it’s a necessity.

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HLC curtains in a bedroom
Many HLC curtains a room with a chair

Design that fits you

Functionality meets style. Our soft, luxurious curtains come in a multitude of colors, designed to fit any style without sacrificing function. So many times, we have to choose between function and design, but with HLC.ME, you can have both.

With our evolving dreamlike designs and colors, our goal is for you to find effortless beauty made for you.

Unlike traditionally lined blackout curtains, our curtain is designed with a white thermal liner, which leaves your home feeling cozy and open on the inside while brightening your windows on the outside– gone are the days of dark, enclosing liners.

Your home is your sanctuary in comfort and design.

Sustainable fabric,
safe for your family.

Our materials are scientifically, third-party tested for harmful substances to protect your family’s health. Globally standardized, every thread and grommet is independently tested to maintain the highest quality product you know and love.

Oeko Tex certified, our products meet health and safety standards that surpass national and international requirements, taking into consideration both regulating and non-regulated materials.

Enjoy a touch of you in every room with peace of mind. Your family’s health is our biggest priority.

Fabric with Oeko-Text certification

A worry-free night’s sleep, every night.

The HLC.ME family is proud to help make your home a peaceful space that fits you and your family’s expectations.

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