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Learn More About Blackout Curtains

BY Sakatta Inc.


January 29, 2022 


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Learn More About Blackout Curtains


Why Are Blackout curtains useful?

Are you a third-shift worker? Do you feel like you can use more night time rest? Are you staying up at odd hours with a newborn? Blackout curtains drapes window treatments for your bedroom is the key essential solution. They are available for just about every room in your home including a baby’s room. These curtains block light and helps with energy efficiency so you can get better rest. Blackout curtains are constructed with thick foam and fabric layers that can prevent sunlight from entering and increases the amount of insulated heat in a room. The term blackout refers specifically to material that has been coated with layers of foam. These are commonly called passes. The pass measures the level of blackout. There are three types of Blackout curtains that we will discuss.

Describing the different types of blackout technology

Foam back layers
  • A 1-pass blackout curtain is only able to filter some of the light that can enter a room. These modern energy efficient bedroom curtains are also known as light filtering as they are not able to block most of the light because of the one-layer of foam. Additionally these window treatments drapes provide privacy for your living room and bedroom.
  • A 2-pass blackout curtain is created by the use of two layers of foam on top of the lining. The first layer is black foam on the fabric and the second is a white or lighter colored foam which is added on top of the black foam. These liners are considered to be room darkening and does not allow for total blackout capability. They provide thermal insulation to keep the cold out and the heat in. You can expect a very sound, comfortable rest once using these blackout curtains drapes in your home.
  • A 3-pass blackout curtain is created by adding firstly a white foam layer, followed by a black layer of foam, then followed up with a white or lighter colored layer. This process makes these curtain liners 100% blackout. They can provide total blackout to rooms with incoming sunlight. All passes are capable of blocking UV rays; its solely a matter of which one works for your specific sleeping area or room. The 3-pass design is limited to the styles printed on the curtain but they are the best performer in energy efficiency. There are different styles of blackout curtains.

Another style is the thermal triple weave blackout. The thermal design is created by interweaving the top and bottom layers so that it has a completed seam. Black yarn is used to sew the two layers together. These curtains provided more thermal protection than for example 1-pass liners which are able to keep temperatures steady throughout the room. They are also able to block out more UV rays due to the thermal protection though they do provide a smaller percentage of energy efficiency.The styling of thermal-weave curtains creates a softer touch when compared to other curtains.


The double layered lined style includes two different layers stringed together to create one solid panel. The second layer is primarily stitched or glued along the sides of the top layer to create the double effect. You do not need to use multiple rods to hang these drapes. The bottom layer is what helps insulate the room to help heat stay in. The top layer is normally decorative and easy to clean or maintain. These curtains can be styled by using a jacquard print for the front fabric and adding the blackout technology in the back. Because they are made with heavier fabric and material they are available in draperies as opposed to only basic curtain panels.

With this style of curtains consumers usually add additional decorative window treatments such as valances, tiers, and scarves. 




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