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When To Hang Sheer Curtains

Cool ways sheer curtains can help easily redesign your home.

BY Sakatta Inc.


January 29, 2022 


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When To Hang Sheer Curtains

Whether if you are a person who prefers a lot of light in your home or a more darker, somber vibe, you probably change up your room decor at some point in the year which includes changing your window treatments. Sheer curtains are usually swapped in to replace heavier, blackout curtains, to encourage the prolonged daylight to come into your room during the Spring and Summer seasons. There are also ways to use voile panels in your home year round for example to create a canopy for your bed or to replace a door in your home. Read on to find cool ways sheer curtains can help easily redesign your home.

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Benefits of Sheer Curtains During Warm Months
  • One benefit of sheer curtains is that they are easier to clean. In the Summer months you are not really all that concerned with heavy cleaning and most people take Summer vacations. These curtains can help maintain your Summer look without having to do that much work. When the Summer breeze hits your windows, it’s a very tranquil feel to have sheer curtains blowing in the wind.
  • They help you to bask in the shade during the hot months while the sun is beaming. Sheer curtain drapes are able to block out minimal UV rays so that your home doesn’t receive the full amount of sun coming in. It keeps the temperatures cool for a nice breezy atmosphere.
  • You are able to enjoy the sun without compromising your privacy. A big misconception about voile panels is that people are able to see inside of your home during the day time. The material used actually allows for sunlight to come in while still blocking by-passers from seeing inside. It is a tad bit different at night however as the light from inside of your home will allow others to see what you are doing. This is why many opt to layer lightweight sheers along with slightly heavier curtains. You can additionally purchase the heavyweight sheers that maintains the privacy but also allows for sunlight to enter.

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How To Create A Canopy Using Sheer Curtains

If you like elegance and want to add a romantic 18th century flair to your bedroom design then creating a canopy will surely do the trick. The type of voile panels used to create this look are normally two panel rod pocket drapes so that you can easily move the curtains back and forth. The sheer canopy gives the same privacy as they do when they are used as window treatments. It creates a hideout, which is very popular among young kids and teenagers. Sheer curtains are versatile for this choice of bed style. They come in different colors and can help neutralize a room with a lot of patterns.

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How To Use Sheer Curtains In Place Of Doors

With new home open layouts in attempts to create more space, curtains can be a great tool for sectioning off different areas. It can also be a design method when you opt to remove a door. You can hang lightweight sheers along the door frame to create a less cluttered and maze-like feel to your home. It can also just be used to add a more modern style to your home by pairing the curtain colors with table clothes, rugs, and current window treatments.

Layering Sheer Curtains For Privacy

Combining two types of window treatments on one window is a very popular and traditional design motif. Sheer curtains work perfectly for this design as they add functionality and elegance. You can use a double curtain rod to hang heavy drapes on the outside layer and then the sheer drapes on the inside. If you want to additionally install a hook on both sides of your window pane you can draw back either one of the curtains for a versatile look. These help for those who may like to take naps and want to draw the curtains during the daytime without fully blocking out the sunlight. At the same time it helps keep out morning light for those who like to start their day by pulling back the curtain to reveal the sunlight after sleeping in a little later. Even if you are a day sleeper, you can still enjoy hanging lightweight sheers as layers under your light blocking curtains.



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When To Hang Sheer Curtains

Whether if you are a person who prefers a lot of light in your home or a more darker, somber vibe, you probably change up your room decor at some point in the year...