The Science Behind THERMAL

Your favorite curtain draperies do not need to be changed every season. You paid a lot for those
high end designer name fabric and you shouldn`t enjoy them for just one short season.
Keep them all year long and add our Thermal Blackout Liners to protect your curtains and receive our 100% blackout capabilities.

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Sheer Curtains



Applying our Thermal Blackout Liners



Blackout Liners

Our liners are manufactured with our best blackout technology. These liners will act as a shield to the back of your drapery curtains to block all the sunlight, heat and cold during the harsh winter nights. In total there are 5 layers combined with each other for a complete barrier.

liners comparison


Grommet Header Top

icon Easy to attach

icon Perfect behind grommet panels
on one curtain rod


Rod-Pocket Header Top

icon Perfect for rod pocket, pinch pleat, back-tab,
tab top curtains and more on one curtain rod

icon Blackout Liners can be used alone as curtains

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