The Science Behind SHEER

Sheers are needed in every home! Whether it`s for layering under curtains or hanging them alone,
they are used all year around giving you natural sunlight and decorative accents to your windows.
Also known as see through curtains, lets dive in and find out which translucent curtains are right for you.

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Our Bestselling Window Curtain for more than 4 years!


Voile Curtains


We use a single ply yarn technique to create a lightweight material using polyester fabric.
A traditional one yarn over, one yarn under method is weaved to give a softened finished look and touch.

tick Perfect for layering with drapes

tick Ideal for the summer to let in lots of light

Semi Sheer Curtains

Multi-ply yarn

Using thick, course, tightly woven yarn, semi sheer curtains are denser to the touch.
The fabric is formed by using the same one yarn over, one yarn under method as the voile.

However, these are woven with more yarns very tightly and close to each other, making them semi sheer curtains.

tick Perfect for layering with heavier drapes to provide additional privacy

Faux Linen Curtains


What`s unique about our Faux Linen curtains is the durability to withstand snags and other rough pulling. The beauty is you can use them to layer or hang alone. Faux Linen panels are traditionally woven without the process of a sleek finishing.

In fact, it feels more of a textured industrial theme, allowing these to be perfect for a wooden theme home or the trendy farmhouse look.

tick Allows for more privacy while simultaneously filtering in sunlight

tick Excellent for hot Summer days


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Faux Linen Curtains


The extra heavy weighted yarn adds style. Keeping the textured touch, we crafted these curtains to thick, dense yarn woven tightly together.

The uniqueness about the weaving technique is the process of weaving over yarns to create a raised and linen look.

tick Filters in minimal sunlight all the while maintaining privacy

tick Best for blocking the breezy wind on cooler spring and fall days


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