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The world of home window treatments is so vast that it’s easy to feel lost and unsure about what’s perfect for you. Well, say goodbye to confusion because here are the best curtains for every room! From the bedroom to patio, we’ve got you and your windows covered. Let’s get into window treatments that are right for you!

1. Lively Patterned Living Room Curtains

Lively Patterned Blackout Curtains For Living Room

Make the socialising hub uplifting with sophisticated paisley living room curtains. The tear shape of paisley is soft and playful, and perfect to brighten a dull space. Plus, these complete blackout curtains reduce noise, blocks UV rays and is machine-washable!

Living Room Curtains for me

2. Terrific Trellis Curtains to Boost the Bedroom

Moroccan Lattice Print Bedroom Blackout Curtains

The bedroom is your sanctuary where you recuperate after a long day. Choose complete blackout curtains to help you get a full night’s rest with its light- and noise blocking ability. A Moroccan trellis pattern on silky modern drapes will undoubtedly add more personality to your bedroom.

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3. Silky Guest Bedroom Curtains

Floral Guestroom Blackout Thermal Curtains

Wow guests with silky florals and a good night’s sleep thanks to complete blackout curtains. The thermal lining of a bedroom grommet curtain is sure to give your guests a hotel-quality rest. Blue floral prints are timeless much like designer, William Morris’ classic motifs.

Take me to my guestroom’s curtains

4. Arrow Printed Curtains for a Boisterous Boy’s Room

Arrows Patterned Thermal Blackout Window Curtains

Dark, mysterious and a little playful, these arrow print drapes are quintessential for a boy’s room. These complete blackout curtains are machine-washable which makes them the perfect choice for a bustling person’s bedroom! The grommets make the curtains easy to hang and remove for washing while extra-wide panels ensure privacy and deep sleep.

Playful window treatments for my family

5. Feminine Floral Curtains for a Girl’s Room

Botanical Floral Blackout Window Curtains for Girl Room

Creative and feminine blossom privacy curtains are great for a girl’s bedroom. They are silky to the touch but are also available as romantic sheer curtains. Home window treatments have never looked better!

Feminine window treatments for my family

6. Beautifully Serene Bathroom Drapes

Balloon Tie Up Shade Curtains for Bathroom and Kitchen

Thermal blackout curtains are perfect for the bathroom because it keeps heat in during winter and out on hot summer days. As a bonus, these balloon drapes look luxurious, are energy efficient and ensure privacy too.

Tie up curtains for my bathroom

7. Airy Office Sheer Curtains

White Sheer Curtains For Bedroom

Keep your office refreshing with light sheer voile curtains. The lightweight fabric lets in the fresh breeze when you need it most. Plus, flowy waves of voile from these modern drapes soften the lines of an office interior.

Light window treatments for my office

8. UV-Blocking Patio Curtains

Textured Thermal Curtains for Patio Doors

Your home window treatments aren’t complete without blackout curtains for your patio! Insulated and triple-weave fabric ensures the modern drapes are sturdy, fade-resistant and blocks 100% of light. Like all of our curtains, these textured patio panels are machine washable and easy to hang. Quality material and impeccable design make these curtains the best option for your home.

Patio curtains for me

9. Compact Kitchen Café Curtains

Herringbone Kitchen Cafe Curtains for Small Windows

Kitchen curtains have to be fire-resistant, water-resistance and stain-resistance. These Herringbone kitchen café curtains have short hems to allow you to focus on what’s cooking. The airy fabric also helps to keep your kitchen’s airflow healthy.

Café curtains for my kitchen